The traditional investment arena offers 4 vehicles, namely; Tax-free Savings accounts, Endowments, Unit Trusts and Retirement savings options. These are linked to volatile and fluctuating price points, and in this, are limited in their benefits.


One of the Platinum Edge offerings provides contractually-guaranteed Prime-linked (Prime+3% and Prime+5%) returns on a platform than has never lost a single cent since its inception over 21 years ago.

If you want the stability of a prime-linked return in a safer platform than the banking sector, then this is for you.


If you feel that you are paying too much in tax, then the Platinum Edge 12j solutions offer not only Tax-deductible investments, but a platform that allows you to only invest your tax liability.

Simply put, you are able to invest what you would normally pay in tax into a SARS approved Venture Capital structure, and receive a clearance certificate for that full amount, thereby not risking any of your own money, but only that money that would have gone to SARS. 

(Yes, this is fully legal, and has the full support of SARS).


Offshore, dollar-based investments offer more stability than rand-based investments, are not subject to a high inflation rate devaluation, and if structured correctly, provide tax-friendly (or even tax-free) returns. 

In a country that is experiencing significant financial strain, an offshore investment is the best diversification strategy you can have.

Please also visit our OFFSHORE page for more offerings. 


The ever-changing nature of currencies provides investors with the opportunity to enjoy excellent potential growth through this forex platform.

When you find the best partner through which to invest, you enter a realm of returns unlike you have ever seen before.

The returns provided through this platform from mid 2019 – mid 2021 exceeded 300% for the 24-month period through this low-risk solution.  

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The Platinum Edge is a wealth strategy model and not a Financial Service Provider. The Platinum Edge integrates a number of financial service providers and other specialists to offer holistic financial guidance. 

Any and all comment and opinion in this website constitute comment and opinion only and does not in any way constitute personal financial advice. Please contact me should you need to meet to receive personal financial advice. 

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