Traditional financial advice does little more than treat financial symptoms. Sadly, not enough people have been given a reliable alternative to this, and this is why people are overpaying for unnecessary cover.

Traditional advice structure offers only a fraction of what is available, and this narrow range of solutions is offered without the strategic modelling of the Platinum Edge.

Creating wealth needs a specialist. It’s time you took your financial matters more seriously.    


One of the main life insurance costs comes from one’s asset portfolio, as this triggers Estate Duty, Executors Fees, Capital Gains Tax, Transfer fees and the costs associated with your assets being frozen while your estate is wound up.

The Platinum Edge model assists in restructuring one’s assets into a tax-efficient structure without the cost of transfer fees. This dramatically reduces the costs associated with one’s passing away as well the need for unnecessary life insurance.


Where traditional financial solutions provide cover on a quantified calculation, the Platinum Edge goes further by developing post-claim strategies that further reduce the need for excessive insurances. 

How you manage the proceeds of a claim is more important than how much the insurance covers. 

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The Platinum Edge is a wealth strategy model and not a Financial Service Provider. The Platinum Edge integrates a number of financial service providers and other specialists to offer holistic financial guidance. 

Any and all comment and opinion in this website constitute comment and opinion only and does not in any way constitute personal financial advice. Please contact me should you need to meet to receive personal financial advice. 

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