Finding out the potential value of a new opportunity is clearest when one compares what is possible against what they currently have.

As the Platinum Edge approach to wealth design is highly customised to each individual client, we can’t tell you have we WILL do for you, but we can highlight what is possible, through our services and solutions. Compare these benefits to those that you’re currently receiving from your existing ‘financial advisor’.

  • Client’s that invested in our offshore fund (with our offshore structure) received 53% growth (in US Dollars) in 2020.

What have your investments returned this year so far? 

  • Our clients invested in our onshore fixed-return solution have received a Prime+5% net return and will for the entire duration of their investment, guaranteed. Are you able to get this much on an almost zero risk basis?

  • We have restructure asset portfolios improving tax-efficiency, saving our clients hundreds of thousands of Rand in transfer fees, and ultimately reducing their life cover needs. Are your assets still in YOUR name, creating additional life cover needs through a poorly structured portfolio that places your assets at risk and ensures estate shrinkage through costs and fees that are realised upon death?

  • Our restructuring and comprehensive ‘strategy over sales’ analysis of insurance needs have saved clients thousands of Rand each month. Are you wasting money each month through poor advice or poorly structured policies?


  • We have set up offshore trusts for clients at a fraction of anything they could find themselves. Do YOU have a global presence yet?

As the saying goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know”. Ignorance is NOT bliss. Ignorance is expensive.

 Let us check to see how much we may be able to save you and your family today, and long into the future.


The Platinum Edge is a wealth strategy model and not a Financial Service Provider. The Platinum Edge integrates a number of financial service providers and other specialists to offer holistic financial guidance. 

Any and all comment and opinion in this website constitute comment and opinion only and does not in any way constitute personal financial advice. Please contact me should you need to meet to receive personal financial advice. 

For more info visit the Disclaimer page. 

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