Every individual or team that wishes to be at the top of their specialty employs a coach (or multiple) because they understand that a coach uses training and skills to take them to the next level and beyond.

Coaching is skills development, accountability, motivation, guidance, encouragement and more. 


One would expect that school or our family would teach us the fundamentals of money management and mastery, but sadly this is VERY seldom the case.

Financial Advisors are sales people and not coaches, and where advisors (a clear misnomer) provide products to protect or grow wealth, the coach teaches you the mechanics of one’s relationship with money as well as the fundamental managements skills. 


Seldom do entrepreneurs study a business management course before starting their company, and as with someone that teaches themselves to drive, there are usually bad habits that may cause issues in the short to long-term.

A business coach helps entrepreneurs start a company properly, or boost an existing concern so as to reduce costly mistakes and correct bad habits. 

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The Platinum Edge is a wealth strategy model and not a Financial Service Provider. The Platinum Edge integrates a number of financial service providers and other specialists to offer holistic financial guidance. 

Any and all comment and opinion in this website constitute comment and opinion only and does not in any way constitute personal financial advice. Please contact me should you need to meet to receive personal financial advice. 

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